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Cosmec conquest cnc router

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Morning I'm new to the forum hoping to get some help I have a Cosmec conquest 510 CNC router an error saying plc 55/56 time-out pin down came up and i have no idea what that is or how to get rid of it has anyone ever ran in to this and how to was it fixed
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purely a guess here...
a cnc of that size for sheet goods typically has "pop up locator pins". the error could be that it is waiting for a pin to drop down, and the controller is not receiving that "pin is down" digital input.

if there are locator pins, you may want to check any switches attached to them to ensure they are working, and the pin itself is working. again, a guess.
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G'day @Vmck , welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks that's exactly what it was I had some broken wires that I saw later that day. Another issue that I started having all the cabinet sides are being machined opposite meaning the top of one side would be pointing x negative and the other would be x positive which i think is normal but the problem is all of a sudden none of the holes are not matching up ( shelf holes, hinge plate holes, drawer slides, holes) any advices?
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