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cost of lumber

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Do any of you know where to get lumber cheaper? I live in the Winnipeg area and it seems that the prices keep going up,up,up. In other forums most of the help seems to come from people in the US. I would like to start this thread to see if help can be found for woodworkers in my area as well.The lumber stores I have tried include Home Depot, Revi, Windsor Plywood etc. These stores seem to have mostly high end high priced selection. Most of us hobby woodworkers seem to be at the mercy of these places. I would really like to find a local sawmill where I can get ruff cut and dried hardwoods like oak,maple,ash and the like. Even a better source at the retail level would be a help.
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There is a web site in the US called that will allow you to look for specific businesses. If you call one of the companies that sell portable sawmills they may be able to give you the contact information for one nearby.

Also contact the local woodturners in your area. You can also call timber contractors that cut for the mills. One I have in Austin TX gives me about half the cost.

Hope this helps.
I feel for you, I do, but try buying hardwood in Tokyo Japan, it is really expensive!

I recently got turned on to a place that will sell me rough cut lumber, hardwood, and even though it is much cheaper that anything I've yet to find, it is still stupid expensive.

There is a stack of Beech I got, most are between 20 cm and 30cm wide, 34mm thick and about 6 foot tall. You are looking at $280 US in wood...

I hope you find a good source for wood, maybe you will have to go south of the boarder?

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