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44 here. Just “pushed” it this passed Sunday, although it’s starting to feel more like dragging than any actual pushing. Yes, I realize this is young compared to others here. But just wait till you see what I’m going through.

When it comes to losing tools, I used to pride myself thinking that never happens to me. Even to this day I can say I’ve only ever truly lost maybe 5 hand tools. That is, that I never found again.

If you count how many times I have lost a tool and had to find it again I’d have enough lost and found tools to stock a capable shop twice over. I spend more time looking for tools that doing the work. Measure, mark, lay the pencil and tape down, reach for the saw and cut, then mea....whaaa? Where’s my tape? Look all around, checking places too far away to even be a possibility. Look under the bench knowing it didn’t fall off (or did it, cause my hearing is fading also). Finally find it underneath the saw I just sat down. Ok, tape stretched, make my next mark....whaaa? Now where’s my freakin’ pencil? Again, look all around, lifting tools and opening drawers. See two more pencils in a drawer, pass them up because I want THE ONE I just had. Not because they aren’t good enough but it’s a principle thing at this point. I have to find that pencil cause I know I just had it. Finally find it under the board I just cut. So, measure, mark, cut, and lay board aside. Get another board, then find the tape and pencil for the second time. Measure, mark, cut. Now where’s the drill? Find the drill and now I’m ready to screw the two boards together....whaaa? Where’s that first board?

This will only get worse. Sooner or later I’ll have to write down what I’m building so when I find the tape and pencil I’ll remember why I needed it.
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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