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I've been watching Rick & Bob make everything look so easy on The Woodworking Channel.
Since I need to add a better plate to my router table, I'm wondering weather I can take advantage of them many fixtures & jigs they use in the shows, if I get the correct plate?
I have a Bench Dog cast iron table saw extension with a rectangle plate. From what I've seen, I may have to cut something to a custom size for proper mounting. But is it worth the trouble?

Thanks, Mike

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Hi Mike

This is just my 2 cent, I would NOT rework what you have now :)

Just make a new router table, then drop in one of the Oak-Park plates, if you want to use all the neat items Bob and Rick use on the show.
A simple router table like the guys use will do the trick, :) once you use this type of setup you will be hooked on the Oak-Park easy way to do routing.
This one is a good one it comes with the alum.fence plus other parts
▼ for about 75.oo bucks,BUT it not the same size as The Oak-Park one.
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Bj :)
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