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Hi there Fraternity,

Just a short one on a bargain I came across. Again, unfortunately I have to exclude our American cousins, as this is UK based in particular England.

Talking about the other side of the pond we visit our son in Houston every year and sadly to say my highlight of the holiday is visiting my favourite stores, no, not J.C Penny, it’s Home Depot and Lowe’s. I can spend hours routing around their vast warehouses, on my own as no one in my family seems to appreciate the variety of products on display. I must admit being interested in woodworking can be a lonely affair. Well enough of the feeling sorry for myself as I diverse.

When we visit my daughter in Bournemouth, a journey of about 600 miles from where we live in Scotland, my good wife takes every opportunity to shop, and I mean shop, shop until you drop. Now to make things a little easier on her she takes her pack mule with her. The two-footed variety. This leaves both her hands free for rummaging along clothes racks unhindered. As I slowly succumb to the ever-increasing weight on my torso, I am given some respite when I am allowed to drop my load in order to reach my wallet for payment for said items.

Now one of my recent shops was one called Wilco which I had never heard of and I was informed by my voice recognition as I could not see in front of me due to height restriction of bags I was lumbered with. If anyone can remember it was like Crackerjack where you had to answer a question. If you got It right you got a prize, if not you got a cabbage, as the game progressed each contestant was buried under the load of cabbages and gifts until one dropped a cabbage, gave over. Well that’s me with the cabbage

Now for the less informed such as myself this particular chain of high street shops sells a bit of everything, from paint to detergent, and as such I headed off to the hardware isle and as expected most of the tools etc were Wilco brand and not very good at that, but as I wandered around my attention was piqued by a small section not unlike a pick and mix in a sweet/candy store, but instead it was a huge assortment of differing washers, nut, bolts of every size and description. There were two sizes of zip bags, one at £1.99 and the other at £2.99. To say I was a kid in a sweet shop was an understatement. It was akin to one of these all-day buffet, where you help yourself and your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you end up returning to your table with enough food for a family of four. Well that’s exactly how I approached my hardware goody bags as you can see from the photos. I crammed large items in first such as bolts then as the bags filled up I started to fill up all the spaces with washers. Greed got the better of me. I couldn’t help myself.

In B&Q I would be the best part of a fiver for half a dozen bolts and see what I got for three times £2.99.

So, lads ask your wife if she wants to go shopping and give both of you a treat.



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Now you need a good find on panel board so you can start making jigs.

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Colin, when you return to Houston, look up Rockler...and Woodcraft. They are brick and mortar stores so you can browse around in there also. All sorts of tools and stuff to make you want to pull out that poor wallet again, and again!

Here are some directions. Just thought you might like to know. ha ha. I live on the east side of Houston, about 20 miles east.

Rockler now has two stores.

Woodcraft also has two stores.!4f13.1;tbs:lrf:!2m1!1e3!3sIAE,lf:1,lf_ui:4
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