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Craftsman 12 1/2 planer

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Hello, i'm new to the forum. I just purchased a Craftsman planer, #351.233731. It has two roller bars on top of the unit. Can someone tell me what the purpose or uses of those two rollers are because the manual does not mention anything about it. thanks.
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Those planers only plane one side at a time and it's often necessary to plane the same side more than once to get it smooth and level so those rollers were added onto the top of the machine to facilitate getting the board back to the infeed side for making another pass.
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Yeah, I was thinking that but was not sure. Thanks, good to know.
Welcome to the forum.
Glad to have you here. Let us know how well that planer works out for you.
Hello and welcome to the router forum Patrick
Welcome to the forum Patrick.
Welcome to the Router Forums Patrick.
G'day and welcome to the forum.
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