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I just purchased a Craftsman 14A 2 1/4 HP Router with the digital display at the top of the router. Normally it has a blue background
and black lcd letters. Well, while making a cut into a 4x4 cedar post with a 1/2 wide square carbide cutter the cutter powered down and
the display background went red.
I tried to reset it by possibly unplugging it and waiting and pluging it in again, no change. I finally got to call Craftsman and they referred
me to Chevon service whom told me that I have to take the router to a service center. If the display is red then the router is dead....

My luck, I purchased it used from a friend he used it to make a door with no issues. I use it to cut a slot in a cedar post and pooof.....
Now I have to pay some clown to replace a part that probably cost as much as the router cost me to get.....

Just an FYI, if you see the digital display turn red you just got a doorstop.......
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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