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Craftsman 2756 dovetail jig

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Looking for a manual for this
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Hi Wendy and welcome. I checked through our Craftsman manual section but I didn't see it there. Sears didn't have a tool making company so everything was someone elses tool with Sears name on it. Maybe post a picture of it and someone will recognize it. You can post pictures using the Go Advanced reply button. If you need help let me know. The pictures have to come from your phone or the hard drive in your computer BTW, you won't be able to use a photo sharing service until you have 10 posts.
Welcome to the club Wendy. You may not find the exact manual for the jig but most set up basically the same way. If you watch some videos on use and operation you may find it much clearer on it's proper use.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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