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Hello, I just joined. I've had a couple routers for some years - and personally I think it's one of the best and most useful tools for general woodworking. I'm finally getting more time to do some playing, and that brings up something I could use some help with.

I recently inherited an old router that is in good shape basically, and I'd like to continue to use it. It is the Craftsman 315.174921 router, but I need to get some brushes for it. I see some on Amazon, and it looks like the same ones on Ebay. I'd like to know if anyone has bought brushes for this model router, and if it's "direct replacement" - and they won't need to be shaved down or something. The brushes that are in this router probably aren't in good enough shape to take anywhere, and I don't think there is a local place anyway.

The reason I'm asking is that... I USED to have a really nice older Craftsman circular saw, it needed brushes, so I bought "direct replacement" off of Amazon - but they weren't.... Long story short, when I started up the circular saw, the new brushes turned into a pile of garbage bits and pieces and permanently damaged the saw. Don't want to make that mistake again, of trusting a seller who probably never used the product themselves....

Thanks for any help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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