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Craftsman Plunge Router Attachment Recommendation

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Hey Gang,

I was given a Craftsman router and I was wondering if there is a compatible plunger router attachment that can be used with it. I am somewhat new to the world of routing and I wasn't sure if plunge add-ons are universal (I doubt they are).

Model #: 320.17542
Serial #: S0931Q006670
Speed: 12,000-25,000

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Welcome to the forum. I didn't have luck Googling for a plunge base, the manual doesn't mention it as an option.

Normally bases aren't universal, there might be a plunge base for another router that fits, but I don't think it is worth buying new, only try it if you can get a used one cheap and are confident the diameter is right. Take your router out of the fixed base, close the latch of the base, measure the diameter across the top, then find another router model with the same diameter.

What router projects do you have in mind? People that use routers a lot often have more than one, you might keep using your Craftsman with the fixed base and buy another model with a plunge base.

I really appreciate your feedback. I did a Google search as well and didn't have any luck.

I am attempting to put dog holes in my bench top and I have made a jig for them and my plan has been to use the router to bore them out. Honestly, I can make due without the plunge router for the time being, but was curious if anyone might know of an option. Sadly, Craftsman hasn't been much help.

3/4" dog holes? I'm not good at accurate vertical hand held drilling, drill a hole in a piece of scrap 1 to 1.5" thick, use that as a drill guide with a twist bit.

If you don't have a drill press to make the guide you can glue 4 pieces of wood together with 3/4" hole.
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I don't think dog holes need to be a perfect 90 degrees. Look around for a drill guide. Or if you have a drill press, take a block of wood, then drill a 3/4 hole straight through. Use that as a guide. I'd use brad point bits with the spur on the side. If you mount the shop made guide between two blocks of 3/4 wood, it will make a bridge so that your shavings can escape. Drill about half an inch, then pull the bit out to clear shavings, then go back. I found a couple on Amazon, but you can most likely find a cheapo at Harbor Freight that will do the job.
Welcome to the forum. The above advice is the way I'd go and likely less expensive then buying a long 3/4" spiral bit. Do yourself a favor and remember when laying out the holes to double check directly below for any support or other peices that aren't aprt of the wood bench top. Want to know how I know this.......? Catching a brace screw or vise part doesn't usually end well and language can become wild and loose. Just saying.
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Welcome to the forum.
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