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For Christmas my wife gave me a Craftsman router combo Model # 320.27680. It is my 1st router and I have been talking about buying one for some time. I am retiring soon and would like to take up woodworking as a hobby, but do not know where that will lead me. This seems to be a decent router combo 14.0 Amps 2-1/2 Peak HP. It has some features that some publications say to look for ie: locking spindle and 1/4" & 1/2" collets/nuts. My concern is the location of the on/off switch being away from the handles because these same publications say that is very important for control especially for a beginner. In your router forums it is also suggested that if you have multiple routers (as I will have when I purchase a router table) they should be from the same company if not the same model for compatibility purposes. My questions are;

How important are these issues ?

Should I look at a different router(s) ?


What is the consensus on Yonico bit sets ?

Thank You

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Hi Dennis.

Welcome to the router forum.

I only have 7 routers:
2 X Triton (deliberate choice)
2 x Makita (2nd one bought for repairs to 1st one) (both operational)
2 X Ozito (just happened to be available at the right time)
1 x Ryobi,

I would say that the same brand/model is not necessary as you will buy the second router to fill a niche in your woodworking. For this reason, you would research and buy the best router to fill that niche eg. a table mounted router will require different characteristics to a small hand held router. You will want to buy a plunge router and that may not be available with some US brands?

I have found not having the on/off switch on the handle does not cause any problems.
Just learn to handle the router with safety.
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