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I'm finding 1 or 2 bars 48" long. Menards had aluminum 96" long. Originals are 44.5. 8m tempted to get the 4 pieces of aluminum.
Hi Jack

Unless you intend to use a light weight trim router, I seriously doubt aluminium is ridged enough not to sag.
Even then I would be sceptical of its suitability.

However, if you planned to try it, use tube with a dowel with a firm fit hammered through the tube.
I did that when I use to make aluminium frame rucksacks for hikers to reduce the weight of the frame.

Still think you would be better with a coupler similar to that shown in my diagram.
The grub screws were just to ensure the joint did not come apart during use, and were intended to be finished below the surface of the tube. You could use super glue, but would not be easy to dismantle at a later point, if required.

Which ever way you go you will need to provide some sort of support along the rails to prevent sag.

Really looking forward to seeing how you go

Regards JL
21 - 22 of 22 Posts