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Craftsman router help needed

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I am new to routing. I have a craftsman 2 HP combo router mod # 320.27683. I am building a combo work bench to hold my Miter saw, Table saw, and Router. I was looking to buy a plate and lift for my router. I have found several lifts and plates but my model # is not on the list for compatibility. Can anyone help guide me to the right lift and plate? Below is a photo of the router and the work bench I am currently building.


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I have tried to get in touch with
Sears/Craftsman to talk to an expert but it is like an act of congress. I can't get
any help.
I'd have to say if you at least got ahold of a night watchman or someone cleaning the offices at night at Sears HQ, they'd be more of an expert on anything because.. well.. I have to admit.. I've never even seen the words congress and experts written in the same sentence before..
These posts were on a 9-year old thread so I moved them to their own thread.

Welcome to the forum, Tony! We do like photos so show us your combo bench build, shop, projects, etc. whenever you're ready.

Hi Tony and welcome. It isn't the type of router that lifts are built for it's the diameter of the router. They are made to fit specific diameters. Some of the early ones I looked at were made for the largest diameter router(s) and offered bushings (hard rubber pads) to fit around smaller diameter ones.

Most of us would recommend going to a newer router anyway because you still will need one handheld router so you aren't going to like having your only one tied up in a lift. Many of the newer routers have above table adjustment capability which eliminates the need of a lift, the main difference being that without the lift you'll need to reach under the table to unlock and lock the router in position when making height adjustments.
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Sorry I can't help but I noticed that someone else is looking for the dust-collector from one of these...
Hello Tony and welcome to the the forums...
for that new to routers thing of yours, over at this link you'll find ''some'' information that will be helpful......

interesting concept and execution for a work station you have...
I'd like to see it in more detail if you don't mind...
I'm sure everybuddy would...

now for the plate...
JessEm has an outstanding lift that may work...
This company is outstanding..
Their products are 1st rate and their CS/TS is 10 star plus...
they do have a universal high quality plate that should work...
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Thank you for your replies. Guess I am new at the posting on a forum too. I was going to reply to each post but I can't reply to just that one. So here is to all.
1) GrummpyGrizzly- Yes congress and experts don't match and if they did we would be in a better world.
2) difalkner- As I posted the original thread I wondered if I should just start a new thread. I wanted it to at least seem like I tried a little to do some research and not just ask the question. I will let this post for a few weeks and maybe change it to its own if I don’t get a lift and plate. I did attach two photos to my original post. Did they not show? One is the router and the other is the bench as of a week ago.
3) Cherryville Chuck & Stick486- I actually have two routers now. The one I posted about is the larger one. I have a small Ridgid router as well. I really don’t want to buy a third one at this time because it is currently just a hobby. I am a carpenter by trade, actually carpenter apprentice, wanting to learn more about the overall trade. I am currently out of work so this gives me something productive to do than play my video games and watch movies. I did go to the woodshop a few towns away and bought $160 worth of stuff. They have a lift that may work but it will not be in until the end of this week. So I will take the router in and see how things fit. They did tell me about the rubber bushings but this lift may not need that. I did add the Jessem website to my favorites so I can look that out after I learn about the lift at the shop.

Thank you to everyone for your info.


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Made my own router plate for my old Craftsman router, separate plate for each one. Don't need a lift, just lift the plate out, do whatever, pop the plate back in. Made the table also.
This is what I did today! Added hinges with bench top to add 30" more to the top. Made it so the miter saw pulls out form the main bench for when I use the table saw. The two pieces that slide out now are flush with the rest of the bench top. I also routed the bench top, miter saw top, and under the pull outs so you can grab them to pull out. When everything is closed and in the storage mode it is roughly 4' wide by 5' 3" long by 3' tall. I am 5'9" tall. The router will go where I placed the red X in the last photo. I built supports in this area to allow up to a 12" by 14" router plate. Still lots to do.


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