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Wow! Thanks for all the input guys, Mike et. al. Nice welcome and good info, now that I know what I'm looking for I see Sears sells one, but it doesn't list my model, I suppose it might work? (oh, see I can't post a URL yet)

So if I can't find the part in the garage (or my wife can't, and she's pretty good), it looks like it would be about $20 with shipping to try the part.

Now may be the time for a better question, my goal is to create around 80 1/2" wide slots in 3/4" cherry plywood (around a foot, half under, half over). I planned on drilling a 1/2" hole in each end and routing between them with a flush cut bit, possibly two passes, first 1/4", then 1/2". Obviously a lot of work for me, the drill, the router, and the bit (oh, did I mention it's been around 100 almost every day).

As I said above I'm a pretty casual woodworker (I'm sure you couldn't tell), so even decent bits seem expensive, and this project has lots of pieces, thick cut glass, a welded caster base, and some doors that make this part seem easy. So is this router even up to the task of cutting almost 100' of slot? Anything special I should look for in a replacement (knowing it might not get used again until after I again loose the colett AND nut). I'll check out the suggestions above, especially like the idea of something used, sounds like I should be looking around 2HP? Is 1/4" shaft ok, that could use my existing bits, but I haven't bought bits for this project.

Ok, have at it ... really though, thanks for the help, suggestions, and warm welcome! - Bruce

Here's what I'm building (the slots are in the bottom and top) ...
Bigger routers come with 1/4" and 1/2" collets or a 1/2"collet and a reducer for 1/4"

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