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Hi Cosmo: When you lock the shaft you probably have to turn the shaft a little till the lock can be depressed. Then you unlock it and press the switch. At least that's the way I understand what you are saying. My guess is that the armature inside of the motor has a winding or two that is open when it gets under the brush it's an open circuit. You turning the shaft, which is the armature if those motors, moves tthe open from under one of the brushs. Then it will start. If you have an ohmeter you could test the armature through the brushes by connecting the meter from one brush to the other when the meter dont read on a particular segment in the armture you found the open circuit. I would get a new router rather than fix a Sears tool, that's my opion for what it's worth. Woodnut65
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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