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Hi Fred,

Welcome to the Router forums.

You don't say what is wrong with the spindle lock but I figure it jumps out of the slot when you try to tighten or loosen the collet nut. If this is what is wrong then you can file the lock plate so the shoulder has a good flat surface to match the slot. To file it you will have to take it apart. Be careful and don't let parts fly out. There is a spring but if you watch what you are doing you'll be alright.

When you put it back together make sure the spring pulls the spindle lock out of the slot. If it doesn't, start over again until it does.

I have one that needs that done to it and tomorrow would be a good day to fix it. I'll take pictures as I work on it and then make a post on this easy repair.

Hope this helps,

Work safe, Have fun, Cut some wood,
I took the top off my older (20 year?) sears router to oil the top bearing. The small diameter, 11/4” long spring fell out before I seen how it was installed and I can’t figure out how it goes back in.
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