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I think the problem originated with Craftsman managements and owners who decided to exploit what was once a good brand by having them produced here and there. Since no assembly plant had a stake in the tool, they didn't bother making diagrams or making any spare parts. Trying to use an older Craftsman power tool results in about half the posts pleading for help finding a part or making a repair of any sort.

Hopefully some of these fixes will give you a few more years of use, but then what? I'm no longer willing to try to rescue a tool that has zero support and no parts available. To each his own in this regard, but notice how often someone has one of these things and for want of some simple part, or bit of information, it's days are done.

Meanwhile, there are so many companies out there that take pride in their tools, have lots of parts on hand, who don't change dimensions on key parts just to save a dime per unit. I'll patronize them, and let brands like Craftsman fade into history.

No put down intended for any member, and I understand that money can be tight and even that it's hard to give up on a tool that for years worked fine, until...
1 - 1 of 15 Posts