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"One man's trash can be another man's treasure" has been told to me since I was just a tadpole - unfortunately, my (late) dad thought many things that were simply trash could become his treasure. He kept too much junk - more than I ever realized as I am now cleaning-up his basement that is in the house he built in 1963. WHAT A MESS! There is some good stuff interspersed with true, worthless garbage! I will venture to guess that the floor had not been swept since 1972 when I married and moved-out!

As a result of my "recent gathering trips", I have recovered numerous rusty items. Many of these items hold potential to be quite interesting and some, even useful! A very good friend of mine, who restores many old items tells me that there is a product called "CLR" that will take-away rust down to bare metal - you can bet I will be giving it a try!
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