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craftsman aw restoration

This thread of bringing an old abandon piece of equipment back to life is just what I enjoy reading about. It kind of reminds me of my saw that didn't have a stand to sit on or a motor mount but it did have a motor. My saw is about 20 years older and I don't believe it was ever made with a stand but the purchaser was to build his own and probably from lumber.

While finding it difficult to hinge a mounting plate for the motor, I happened to pick up an old Craftsman band saw on a stand for 5 ones at auction, abandoned the saw I didn't need and cut the stand down 5" in height for the saw. It only left about 4" at the rear to mount a motor so pictured is what I ended up with. It beats any hinged motor mount ever made because if you desire to take the motor off or change belts one just simply picks the motor up. Talk about set up for a thief.:(

It's just a shelf made of 3/4 cabinet birch ply and is doubled in front where the carriage bolts attach it to the steel stand. Two side pieces attached to prevent squirm and it just sets there running the old saw smooth as silk. If the belt stretches too much a loose shim is just added in front of the motor base to scoot it to the rear just a bit so the base doesn't touch in the rear allowing the motor weight to tension the belt. In those days a 1/2 horse motor was heavy enough to do just that. If you would like the tension removed from the belt when not in use just put a wood shim under the motor at the rear.

So if you need a inexpensive handy motor mount for anything this is one way to overcome your needs.


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