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Craftsman Table saw Serial Number Question

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Can anyone tell me how old these two Craftsman table saws are by the serial numbers.
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Welcome to the forum usually the model number is something like this
113.27520 the first 3 are the manufacturer from what I understand it is tough with Craftsman to get an exact build date because they used so many different vendors to make there stuff. I found this on another forum and not sure if it will help you.

"""I worked at Sears in the hardware department in the 90s. The model number xxx.xxxxx is coded manufacturer.model. so the first 3 are the manufacturer ( 113 for Emerson electric, 135 Skil/Bosch, 316 was for Ryobi, 900 was Black and Decker/DeWalt, 919 DeVilbiss etc.), And the following 5-7 digits were the specific model number, sometimes followed by a zero. This universal across Sears hard lines until Eddie Lampert gutted the company. The date code, was on the name plate in a different location. It was etched in a different font and was four digits long, like 3235. In 1996, "3235" meant the 235th day of 1993. 6337 would be the 337th day of 1996. The purpose of this date code was for no other reason than for warranty claims without receipts. If someone was claiming lifetime warranty on a power tool, which didn't exist, a manager could read the date and offer a discount if the customer wasn't too much of an ass. This only speaks to pre-Lampert Sears products; once he took control of the company he completely destroyed the supply chains and everything was sent to China. """
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