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Craftsman trouble shooting router question

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I have a Craftsman Electonic router that will run fine for about 10 seconds or so and then shut off. Let it set for a few seconds press the start button and it will start again working fine. And keep doing the same til the job is finished. Kind of takes the fun out of it. Is this something that is not a major fix?
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Hi Dick

"Is this something that is not a major fix?" well yes and no, because it's Craftsman and they stand behind the tools they make and sell they just may just replace it or send it in for repair, it comes down to how old it is. :)

But it sounds like it's getting hot and snapping the breaker inside the router then when it cools down it runs again. :)
But you didn't say what type of bit you are using it maybe a case of over loading the router (working to hard but I don't think so if it only runs for 10 seconds) more like a bad bearing putting a load on the motor.

But It sounds like a trip to Sears Repair Center or the main oulet is called for, any way you look at it.

Bj :)
I think if you are in handheld mode, I would try running the router with it simply lying on the bench(not moving it about) & see if it still cuts out. If it doesnt....check the power cord by wiggling it to see if you can make it cut out. If it know what you have to do. If it doesn't ....your off to the sevice center.

Thanks for the replies. I called the Sears repair department and it would cost $59 to fix it no matter what is wrong with it and just a little more for a new one. Sounds like it's not worth fixing.
Hi, Dick: You don't say what you have the router plugged into. If it is an extension cord, it could be to light duty to carry the load to the router, or it could be defective.
I suggest that you plug the router into a 20 Amp outlet and tyr it. If it works in the outlet. your problem is solved. It could also be a defective cord going into the router. Electronic controls are sensitive to the current it requires. I had the same problem with a PC router, an it turned out to be a defective extensiobn cord. Good luck
Woodnut and I are on the same page. Make sure your extension cord is no longer than it has to be and at least 14 gauge wires. (I use 12 gauge extension cords) If this does not help I would replace the Craftsman rather than repair it.
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