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Crosscut sled

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A few weeks back, while cleaning shop, I bumped into my CCS. Well, I hadn't put it away properly and sure enough, when she fell, she fell with a bang or should I say CRACK. Splitting both the front and back brace, or rail or what ever they are called. Anyways, not one to pass up an excuse for a new project. I decided it was time to upgrade and build a top shelf sled. Below are several pics of the work in progress...
I've posted this with the hope of sparking a few ideas out there...

couple notes:
First, I'd like to give credit where credit is due.. idea inspired by a sled I ran across in the Sawmill forum: Mark Marzluf's "my new sled"
I've already consided a few changes/additiions. not the least of which will be
extending the zero clearance insert to the left side as well. Since insertion of the insert isnt' going to be a big deal, Might as well include both sides.
I think I"ll add a laterial t-trac a few inches in front of the front rail so as I will then able to cut multiple small pieces at one time.
Not pictured is a portion of the front rail to the right of kerf, I'll fabricate a insert that will allow for the cutting of box joints. when done, I should be able to nicely achieve crosscuts, box joints and miter cuts all off of one piece of equipment..Well see how it goes


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Hey Bill.... you're not really going to use that thing are you? Waaaaay to nice to use :jester:

That is about the most first class job I have laid eyes on for a CC sled. I am bookmarking this thread for further study and possibly build one for myself. May have to call on you for some measuring and such if you don't mind.

Excellent work and thanks for taking the time to share.
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