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Crosscut sled

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A few weeks back, while cleaning shop, I bumped into my CCS. Well, I hadn't put it away properly and sure enough, when she fell, she fell with a bang or should I say CRACK. Splitting both the front and back brace, or rail or what ever they are called. Anyways, not one to pass up an excuse for a new project. I decided it was time to upgrade and build a top shelf sled. Below are several pics of the work in progress...
I've posted this with the hope of sparking a few ideas out there...

couple notes:
First, I'd like to give credit where credit is due.. idea inspired by a sled I ran across in the Sawmill forum: Mark Marzluf's "my new sled"
I've already consided a few changes/additiions. not the least of which will be
extending the zero clearance insert to the left side as well. Since insertion of the insert isnt' going to be a big deal, Might as well include both sides.
I think I"ll add a laterial t-trac a few inches in front of the front rail so as I will then able to cut multiple small pieces at one time.
Not pictured is a portion of the front rail to the right of kerf, I'll fabricate a insert that will allow for the cutting of box joints. when done, I should be able to nicely achieve crosscuts, box joints and miter cuts all off of one piece of equipment..Well see how it goes


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Um.............. WOW !!!!!

Amazing job sir !
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