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Alex Cantacuzene said:
Thanks for the reply Terry. Embarassingly I can't find the photos right now. The problem is that the pieces are in Florida and I am sitting in Kentucky. However, I will continue searching and will put them on this forum. It all started with the callenge of raised panels. Then I wanted to go to raised panels with top curvatures. Gave up on that for the time being. The upper doors are curved but the panels were substituted with stained glass. As the whole contour of the upper doors has arches I thought that I could somehow put arched crown molding (that is what I call it) across the top of the cabinet as you see on some older furniture pieces. The thinking of how that is done comes always back to hand tools with their special contour ground knives. I get stumped when I think about the convex and concave curves on the same piece. To do that with a router is my challenge. In the meantime I am busy with the winter preparations for my bees, installing brakes on a large utility trailer, responding to e-mails, keeping a thirty year old Mercedes running....and so goes the day. Thanks again, Alex in Kentucky
Am I correct to refer to the crown mouldins you are talking about to be like the top mouldings on say a grand father clock
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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