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custom made!!

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hey, i custom make boxes and signs and sell them!i am not done with this site yet but if i get enough buys i will invest in a real web site for selling these! check out the ORDER NOW page of the site, it is all wht i custom make! please order thanks, jeff! tell me wht you guys think by replying k? thanks
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I tried to take a look at your photos on the "order now" page but something is wrong - they only partialy load the top 1/3 with the rest (being your product) looking gray so couldn't teally see anything!
ok when i get home frm skool i will fix it for now look at these
Some very good looking boxes there, good luck with your sales.

Also, I might have an idea of why your images are only half loading. Sometimes when a file isn't 100% uploaded to a website it'll only display the uploaded portion. Possibly reuploading the images will fix this problem.
ok thanks i will try to reupload them!, jeff
soo any orders? come on i really wana make these and sell them! take a look!!
custom made jewelery box's

here are some of my jewerery box have made probly 50 or so have sold lot's of them i will just take pic of the stack seeing the other fellow put his stuff up for sale i dont thank this form is for sale item's ??? these are made from oak walnut cherry pine mahogany buckeye with sprayed lacquer finish and swede inside different color's of swede thanks for looking del schisler
unlimitedwoodworker said:
soo any orders? come on i really wana make these and sell them! take a look!!
what exactly do you make?

#1--Street sign
#2--Name Box
#3--Garden Sign
these are old picture i will update them soon the box with the name stev was not dont there is a hinged lid and latch and for the street sign it has more detail on it and the garden sign was the first sign i ever made someone tht was abt 2 yrs ago and it is still standing up! also if your sign/box gets any water damage i will fix it free of cost to you! i can give any other info if you want i just wana sell these! it makes me feel good when i build these and i dont wana just make one with no purpose thts why i wana sell them to the public!
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hi Jeff
How much would it cost for a sign .it,s for a friend of mine on this site he has 7 letters in his name. and how do you deliver and how much and how big and what kind of wood and what kind of finish?
hey, crankbrook2! i dont know exactly what ypu are it the name box? with lid and all? tell me the number(go back to the 1st pg and it will have numbs and i will deliver it however you want i only make 3 things so far they all are the same price
$20 labor and parts
$10shipping (for the $10 i will pick the shipping wothin $10 unless you want it shipped differently the finish i am using now is made by MINWAX Polyshade it is Olde Maple
i also put a clear gloss(polyurethane) the box is fully customizable! just send $30 and i will get started! i have all the pieces cut and ready for a few boxes you will be my first real cuztomer(out of family)!! if you are interested i can send my address to your PM you can send a check,Cashiers Check(would prefer this<<) or cash

here is wht the street sign looks like!(also garden sign)
the Tyson letters look kinda bad if you click the thumb and make it big but yours wont!lol
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if that price is too high then tell me i mite be able to make a deal wit ya
When selling an item online it is a good idea to include a point of origon, ie.. F.O.B. Detroit, MI. Offering to ship for $10 sounds reasonable until you consider John is in Ontario, Canada. If you haven't dealt with Customs and such you are in for a big surprize. It also helps to specify which currency you accept payments in: $20 US or CDN.
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