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Greg, I personally use a 40mm guide wherever possible but I'm led to believe by Bobj3 that they aren't generally available in the US and Canada. On many occasions on this forum I've suggested that members DEMAND 40mm guides from suppliers /manufacturers, the 40mm being 1 37/64" but 1.5" would be fine so why not push suppliers/manufacturers for the 1.5". It puzzles me that a/the leading country like America haven't yet realised the benefits of a guide as large as 1.5" or 40mm, some of which are: a bigger variety of cutters can be used, it's possible to SEE what the cutter is doing, the dust doesn't build up, compress and cause extra heat build up on the cutter, projects started with a large cutter like patterns on a box lid, can then have identical concentric/parallel patterns routed going down in size two three of four times if the cutter is small.

with the OP busing set, the largest guide is 1.5".

I have just attacked my Rockler ellipse jig with a 1.5" forstner bit so I dont have to attach the router to the jig...

Thanks for the tip, BJ....:sold:
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