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Any great tips for cutting Alupanel?
For sign making and light boxes.
Aluminum plastic Aluminum sheet 5mm
Need to cut edges and vee groove.
what are my best mill ends?
How many flutes?
Up or down spiral?
Cnc has vacuum table.
What problems am I likely to run into?
Thanks in advance Bazzer

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we are just starting up making light boxes.
We have made a few and decided to fabricate our own after purchasing pre cut from others.
Time to make it ourselves.
new full sheet machine arriving soon.
new to all this. Man I’m going to have questions lol.

looking to reduce passes.
Here is my initial thoughts.
cut letters/design first.
Then use a narrow end mill to cut to lower Ali to make fold groove of box.
90 deg mill set to same depth to take away material at the edge of fold grove.
then external cut of box to maintain vacuum.
As I write that I’m thinking.
maybe that’s the wrong order.
Any thoughts please.

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Thank you for your reply. That’s exactly the bit I’m looking for.
yes we will be using a vacuum bed.
in the factory we require some light box tables so that will be the first job. Using Alumpanel folded boxes.
We are hoping to pullenough vacuum for 20 mm acrylic but for see using clamping for smaller pieces of sheet.
May have to baffle sections of the vacuum table?
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