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Cutting Pockets in Kaizen Foam

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I've been cutting Kaizen Foam inserts for a Rigid Mobile Gear Cart, which are available for various types of tool and gear boxes from This particular box can hold up to 5 layers + one in the lid of the box. The layer I'm cutting in this video would be the third from the bottom, although I made a 1/4" MDF shelf about 4" off the bottom rather than use the bottom two foam layers. The layer above this one holds a laptop computer, mouse and HDMI/USB adapter. The top layer holds a Yamaha audio mixer and wireless microphone. I've used the box on a couple of occasions so far and all seems to work well.
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For those interested in cutting foam without a CNC.

I found that electric kitchen carving knives work great for this, and it is my #1 choice whenever faced with the need to cut foam plastic or rubber of just about any density. I once cut a foam mattress to fit around the bulkheads and hull shape in a small yacht, then made a fabric cover for it to match the shape. Foam inserts for tool boxes are easy to size with one of these knives too, but for the semi rigid plastic foam, like used by florists, I found that a hot wire cutter works much better.

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