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I have a MT Series 36" by 36" router. I'm cutting small radi dimensioned at 1/32" out of .017" thick ceramic material. I'm cutting with a 1/16" carbide TiCN coated cutter. RPM=30k feed=5ipm. I'm using Enroute 4 to create the g code

i have to make internal and external radi. The internal ones look fine (as expected from cutter dia) but the exterior ones look like hexagons kind of (basically there are distinct straight lines). I've looked at my dxf i imported, looks fine. I look at the g code and it has a g03 to run the path. The job consul looks like it's creating a radius. Anyone have an idea why the external radi don't looks good?

Thanks in advance!
Hi Troy - Welcome to the forum:)
You may want to repost this in the CNC forum, a couple down from the General Routing forum.
I haven't done much with CNC in a long time and didn't do much of it then so can't be of much help.
Seems like the console should reflect the program so possibly a mechanical or resolution issue. Stepper motor steps to coarse or something like that. I'm just winging it here, maybe to give you some ideas. :fie:
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