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Sorry, I will never do what you did.
The design of a canister-type shopVacs inlet port is designed so that the dust enters from the side at the top then spin at high speed so that the heavier dust will drop first into the bag (a sort of centrifugal+cyclonic action
Sucking from the bottom means the Vacuum will always be stirring up all the dust already in it's canister.

I use two mini-cyclone (one self built & one bought) with two ShopVac Brand ShopVacs. I use "dry-wall" ultrafine filter-bags + Hepa filters so that final air out from the ShopVacs are absolutely free of hazardous fine dust.

A hose from the top on the cyclone to the side inlet of the shopVac is the "necessary evil even if you stack the shopVac on top of the cyclone.

DD cyclones are NOT efficient when compared to "ClearVue cyclones" and ClearVue CV06 Mini Cyclone designed after much research by Bill Pentz.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts