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i have been with this forum before but i guess its been along time. i,m still working full time trying to get retired so i can do my woodworking all the time.
i love working with the router, i have five in all. i have done boxes for my granddaughters, and like to make small things for my son and daughter. right now i am going to get into making a small end table using mainly my router.
oh, i am just a hobbist, but love to work with wood and metal. i am a pipefitter
by trade. but have found the two things can work together. anyway thats it for
now. need to look around and see what i have missed. i feel very comforable at this forum. thank you for letting me introduce myself. cyrus siennatahoma5
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Hey cyrus, welcome to the RouterForums community! :)
Glad to have you join us Cyrus. Welcome to the forums.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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