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aniceone2hold said:
I am interested in hearing from other users about their dado blades. I have used my friends Craftsman Excalibur adjustable dado, and I purchased an inexpensive stacked set; both of these did a good job. I think a discussion of these blades (including price) would be of use to all members.
I have a sanding plate for a 10" table saw. This is an old item I inherited from a friend. It makes for an inexpensive sanding solution if you are just starting out, and your saw's dust collection if perfect for reducing the mess.
Is anybody using the table saw moulding cutters? Seems like a nice idea, just wondering if they are worthwhile?
Looking forward to your responses.
Hi Mike!
FINALLY! I get to give you something back! :cool:
I just read a little technical piece about daidos. The article said that with a wobble blade (I'm guessing the Craftsman adjustable is?) doesn't make true vertical edges in the cut. Think about it, the blade is at an angle (the wider the cut the greater the angle) and cuts the edges on an angle as a result. (picture a very slight dovetail cut with a small radius in the bottom corner)

The downside to the stack set is the chippers are slightly smaller diameter to reduce tear out by the edge blades. As a result the dado has a very slight crown in the center of the bottom of the cut.
The upside to either method above is the pocket in the corner of the daido cut is supposed to be a benefit in the glueing process. :confused:

For a perfect daido cut a router is the way to go. I'll still use my stack set but will use a router on finer work or if I'm cutting a lot of material pre-cut with the daido and finish with the router so there is less material to remove with the router.

I hope that helps. :)
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