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Here are some Dado Jigs that will accommodate any thickness of sheet stock & make doing dados a snap.
One is a manufactured jig from WoodLine USA called the DadoWiz & two you can make your self from ShopNotes & WoodSmith magazine.


Heavy-Duty Adjustable Dado Jig Woodworking Plan

The best one is in ShopNotes issue 76

You can check out a video of this jig in action with this link.
Look near the bottom of the page

Hope these help

I just bought the DadoWiz but have not used it yet but it was featured in a wood magazine a few months back not sure witch one at this point but may be able to find it if some one needed to see the article.

I still plan to make the one in ShopNotes issue 76

1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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