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darn you Bj!!!

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I'm watching one of the Sommerfeld DVDs you recommended (router tables made easy); great stuff! I can see where I may be spending some money after this... The "helpful people" on the internet will eventually bankrupt me :)

Thanks again for the tip on the DVDs, and they were cheap too.

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Hi Michael

Hahahahahahaha :) now you can why I said it is and was a great DVD with many tips and quick and easy way to build cabinets and the best thing of all it works time after time.
I made the router cabinet for a buddy and it only took 3 hours to make, less the top and he picked one up from rockler for that part of the router table with all the bells and whistles....
I can see what you mean about "bankrupt me", I ordered the Mini Raised Panel router bit set and it should be here on the 9th,of Aug..and I ordered it on the 6th,of Aug.
Marc Sommerfeld who owns the sommerfeld tools and puts on the demo on the DVD's is great with the router and just a nice guy....
I now have all of his DVD and VHS demos and some of them I have 3 copys of them because you get a free one when you order something on the net from him that should tell you have been ordering items from him left and right.
I'm a box nut and I like the box that the router bits come in great box made of oak and cut out with a router bit.
I now have 5 sets of the CMT and the Sommerfeld router bits not cheap but great router bits and they are super sharp I mean sharp... :)...
It started with the sommerfeld router table top and he got me right from that point.
I also order the min.grandfather clock DVD and I can't wait to see it on Wed. plus the box DVD as youn can see I'm sold on the sommerfeld tools.. :)

Bj :)
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The table looks really sweet for $99, too bad the fence isn't available anymore. I'm guessing he's coming out with his own table/fence system independent of CMT. The fence bears a strong resemblance to BenchDog's fence. I'm also liking that tongue and groove set...

Hi Michael
Yep I said the same thing about the top but I made one out of MDF (fence) that works great and I did ask Marc about the parts for the fence and he sent them to me for a total of 20.oo bucks total, like I said great guy.. :)
It was a bit tricky to put in the snap pin in the MDF but I got it done with two jam nuts.
FENCE, It's almost the same as the BenchDog but a bit wider at the base and the MDF is cheap unlike the poly.inserts he used on his fence and they can be dropped in from the top side of the fence, plus it's quick and easy to change out with the T & G type.

The T & G set is great and a real key to make cabnets the quick and easy way and they do come out true just like Marc said.
I have made many cabinets and have in the pass put in far to many parts to hold the drawers and doors and side walls now I do it all with one 1/4" deep slot or two slots in the face frame.
I also reworked my pocket hole jig to set it for 1" by default.

Just a note ,,, if you want to see how to rework the pocket jig just ask and I will post a snapshot or two.

Bj :)
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Are you using the grommets in your collet?
Hi Michael

Yes I do, and Marc gives you one with any of the router bits sets he sends out.
I was using a faucet washer in the collet but it was a bit hard so I switch to the rubber grommet that he gave me, how I have them in all my routers.
And they do work :)

Bj :)
I don't have a pocket hole jig yet but was thinking of getting one. His starter jig is $60. Is that a good price?

Hi Michael
Yes and that's the one I would buy if I didn't have one, it's the starter kit and that's all you need with out all the bells and whistle and it's a so so price.

Or you can make one see the link below.

Bj :)
That's one of the neat things about getting old you don't need as much :) :) or to say I don't... :)

I can take a cat nap in the chair for 20mins or so and I'm good for 8 more hours or so.

Bj :)
Looks like the Sommerfeld $99 tables are gone :(
Lots of good bits still on clearance though.
It's a great top ,that's to bad I new I should have got one more when I got mind.

Also this one is gone
Router Collet Extension 1/2" shank
I also order some push blocks (hold down type) they shipped the new type yellow ones that are for right hand people only I didn't know they made both (left & right) the normal ones you and I get the handle is in the center, the new ones are off to one side with a thumb push point on one end only. :) but they are great if you are right handed like me but if you are left handed it's a pain.
But left handed people do everything backwards any way LOL hahahahaha.
My boss ( wife) is left handed and it's funny to watch her write.. LOL but it comes in handy when I need help with left hand bolts and alike.. :) because that's the way she thinks.(backwards) and you can tell she is not here right now because I can still type, well try to without a smack on the side of my head.
Lefts can do that easy when they are right next to you .LOL.. :)

BJ :)
Hi Michael

I just spoke with somerfeld tools and they have 2 only left but the ones without the insert type and here's the bad part they are 179.oo ea :( many fence parts but no fences, new tables will be in Oct.06, they will be 3 part tables (T & G type) with side wings so to speak. bigger and better I guess and alot more money to I'm sure.
If I recall the price for the router table set up was 450.00 bucks and 360.oo bucks list price of 690.oo and 517.oo..

Bj :)

Bj :)
No worries Bj, I found lots of other things to buy on the site. I'm still on the fence about the t&g set. I didn't grab the table when I first saw it because I prefer a smaller "stow-away" type table. However after watching all of the videos I did start to like the aluminum insert rings.

I figured that when the new stuff comes out it will go back to list price. We've been spoiled with all the clearance prices :)

Hi Michael
Do get off the fence and get the T & G set :)
B/4 I got his set I made up a set that took two T & G sets (at 59.oo ea set) to make the same thing almost but the key to his set is the over size bearings that will let you put in a 1/4" deep slot and they are also matched set and come with the stanard bearings and spacers as well that will let you put in the default 7/16" deep slot plus the rubber grommet for free LOL , If you order one be sure to ask them to send you a box with the magnet latch ,the older box will have a plastic latch that will break off and the router bit box is a real neat box made of oak.
I take real pride in my router bits and I ask sommerfeld tools for some of the boxes and they said "when they come they are going to send some. "
Well... I got my stuff today.
T&G set, Pocket Pro kit, couple of sale router bits and a few extra rubber grommets.

I told my wife it was all Bj's fault :)

Hey :) ,now you need to make something for her :)

That's great Michael, glad to hear you got them.. :)
Did you get the box with the plastic latch or the magnet latch ?
How do you like the box ,great hun :)
I did come up with a tip on the rubber grommets but I think I will wait until you play with them for that one...because it's not true for all routers.

Bj :)
Well I'm making a new home office for her and a birch desk trimmed in cherry. That's keeping her happy... for now.

I got the snazzy wooden box, very impressive.
I bought grommets for each of my routers. I figured I'd drop them in there and leave them so I could bottom-out all my bits.

sommerfeld t&g set

So I got to play with the tongue and groove set today but not for making cabinets. I'm doing a home office/basement renovation for my lovely and I made built-in desks for both of us; one on each side of the room.

The desks are supported on the sides and back by 4/4 maple cleats fastened to the walls and cabinetry. I made the desktops from baltic birch ply and wanted to edge them in cherry. The tongue and groove set seemed like a perfect way to line up the desktop and edging.

I purchased 4/4 cherry, cut it into strips with an EZ Smart system and circular saw, then jointed the boards on the router table. I added a 30 degree bevel to the underside, then cut grooves in the back of the trim and tongues on the desktops. It all worked out very nicely. I may use a few pocket hole screws through the underside of the desktops to hold the trim but it may not be necessary.

The miters are being cut by hand because I feel safer that way :)

I rarely post pics because I've been doing more home renovation than building but I thought I'd share. Besides, I wanted to revive this thread because the title is funny :D

(but honey! Bj made me buy the bits!)



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Hi BJ,

Wondering if you have an extra complete set (5 DVD) that you want to sell?

bobj3 said:
Hi Michael

Marc Sommerfeld who owns the sommerfeld tools and puts on the demo on the DVD's is great with the router and just a nice guy....
I now have all of his DVD and VHS demos and some of them I have 3 copys of them because you get a free one when you order something on the net
Bj :)
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