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DC unit on sale cheap

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Just notied Harbor Freight has their 2hp dust collection unit on sale again. $209, plus a 20% off coupon. Takes the price down 42 bucks to $167. Works very well for me and a lot of others. Put a chip collector in front of it and you get nice performance. It comes with a 5 miron bag filter, but you can buy a canister filter like the one in the piture, but it will cost you more than the HF unit. I have a Wynn filter for it, but I think Grizzly makes one now with a beater bar built in. With the Wynn filter, you blow compressed air back through it. The picture shows a canister filter, the one on sale is a bag. Roll it outside when you use it because the bag leaks small particles like mad.

The second picture is how I have it set up now, outside the shop under a shelter.


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Thanks for the heads up on this, I’ve been thinking about this dust collector since you first mentioned it. I just don’t have any room left in my garage. I do have a cyclone set up on wheels I move to wherever it’s needed. Just this last day I been watching videos on dyi dust collection.
I’m currently working on a plan for a new garage plus shop out back to start building late summer/early autumn time frame. And I want a little room off the back for a setup like you’ve got going.

It doesn’t look like you have a cyclone separator or am I missing it?

I’ll just keep using what I have for now and when I get the bigger shop I will upgrade. What a great day that will be for me.
Thanks for the tip.
Do you mean research you and Tom or dust collection?
I will do research eventually on what’s out there and choose based on what I find. There’s time for that.
I just said uh oh because it looked like this thread was getting testy. I’m not trying to step on any toes.
Looks good Tom.

I think my new shop will be about 18x32 feet, much bigger than what I have now. I just have too much stuff crammed in our 1 car basement garage, 2 motorcycles, a big ZTR lawn mower, snow blower, you get the picture. I’ve got a lot of my woodwork tools on wheels so I’m always moving things. I’d like to set up my tablesaw where I can build an out feed table that never has to move, that would be great. I’m working much like you with your limited space.

I’ve been wanting to build this for years, I have room with an acre of land. I’m retired now and the money is almost there where my wife is on board. I’ve scraped enough ice off the cars this winter, it’s getting old. I want a place for my stuff and a nice shop to work in during my golden years. Hope I don’t die before I get it built.

Too much information?
1 - 4 of 20 Posts
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