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DC unit on sale cheap

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Just notied Harbor Freight has their 2hp dust collection unit on sale again. $209, plus a 20% off coupon. Takes the price down 42 bucks to $167. Works very well for me and a lot of others. Put a chip collector in front of it and you get nice performance. It comes with a 5 miron bag filter, but you can buy a canister filter like the one in the piture, but it will cost you more than the HF unit. I have a Wynn filter for it, but I think Grizzly makes one now with a beater bar built in. With the Wynn filter, you blow compressed air back through it. The picture shows a canister filter, the one on sale is a bag. Roll it outside when you use it because the bag leaks small particles like mad.

The second picture is how I have it set up now, outside the shop under a shelter.


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im just using a shopvac and small separator now so the hf is a huge improvement. with the the $179 magazine coupon i can get it for $144. i have one that expires in april and another in june and probably more coming so i have time to stew over it. the wynn filter was what i was thinking of getting til the grizzly was mentioned. have to see about those. the hf is perfect for my shop and my abilities. low quality and cheap. i dont have a planer or a jointer so im not as messy as most of you
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