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DC unit on sale cheap

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Just notied Harbor Freight has their 2hp dust collection unit on sale again. $209, plus a 20% off coupon. Takes the price down 42 bucks to $167. Works very well for me and a lot of others. Put a chip collector in front of it and you get nice performance. It comes with a 5 miron bag filter, but you can buy a canister filter like the one in the piture, but it will cost you more than the HF unit. I have a Wynn filter for it, but I think Grizzly makes one now with a beater bar built in. With the Wynn filter, you blow compressed air back through it. The picture shows a canister filter, the one on sale is a bag. Roll it outside when you use it because the bag leaks small particles like mad.

The second picture is how I have it set up now, outside the shop under a shelter.


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Putting it outside like you did doesn't work up here Tom. I don't know how hard it would be on the motor trying to start it at 20 below of more. Plus you don't want it sucking the hot air out of your shop. And it blows too many fine particles to leave inside. I'm wanting to put the one I have like it outside but I have to build an insulated enclosure to put it in and then route the air back through a window opening where I can install enough filtration to get rid of the fines it blows out. Had I known better I would have done like Stick suggests and it would have been cheaper in the long run.
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or over here...
and WTB you don't want to suck out the shop's treated/cooled air in a hot humid climate either...

you have a HF DC Charles???
We don't have HF up here but it probably came out of the same Taiwanese factory. They all use the same induction motors, bags, impellers, etc. Just like my King Canada tools are available in at least 4 or 5 other brand names.
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