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deal of the year

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I bought 1/2 shank 66pc. routerbit set from for under 200.00 and I was really suprised they came in a wood case that can be hung on the wall. The case said made in China so I figured the set was also made there. Then I took one of the bits out and to my suprise they are made in the good old USA what a delightful suprise I am very happy with the set either way because it was worth every penny. :cool:
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I've been surprised by woodline myself. My cabinet door set is from them, saw the bits at the woodworking show 2 years ago, and the price was so low I had to give them a try. (savings on that set alone paid the price of admission to the show!) The salesman told me if I was unhappy with the cut he would take them back. Needless to say, They're still in my shop.
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