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As soon as I finished my son's fireman project, my nephew walks in the shop and lays an aluminum mold on my workbench (first picture) and says hey, 8oz is the biggest mold they make and I need a 12 or 13oz, if I bring you a blank mold can you make me one?
"Sure!!" 🙂
So I took a picture of the 8oz and traced it in aspire and since I couldn't scale it any bigger, I went deeper. Just guessing and hoping for the best. It ended up being 13.5oz which he thought was great. I guess that'll be his Christmas present from me this year. 😉
Lesson learned - molds don't open too well with straight walls. The tapered ballnose did great for beveling the sides using a profile toolpath.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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