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defualt gateway switches on router 450g

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Hi everyone !
i have come to a problem . there is this router 450g which i am using for the company i am working with . there is an issue with defualt gateway .
here is the descriptions :
in this office we have 2 pcs connected to the router by LAN , so two interfaces are occupied by computers . every time we do some configurations on ADSL home modems on the other interfaces , imagine ether3 and ether 4 . the default gateway of computer's interfaces is set as the router's interface ip address .
here is the problem : whenever we connect a modem to the router by LAN , internet shuts down for a min or more . it seems like the router or computers changes default gateway to the modem thats while the default gateway is configured on computers as the following : control panel ->local area connection ->internet area connection properties ->advanced -> internet protocol tcp/ip setting ->default gateway .
its while they are connected on layer 2 and the problem is on layer 3 of networking .
i would appreciate if anyone knows something about this problem . :smile:
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This is a woodworking forum. We discuss woodworking with routers, not network routers.

Now, having said that, feel free to stick around. We have people from all walks of life here, with a wide variety of skill sets. One of our members just might have the answer you are looking for.
Welcome to the forum.
Lan sakes a 450g router. A lb. router, must be a trimmer to get through a gateway. Ether that or I must have my protocol wixed up. Please don't get inter my face as I couldn't resist. Welcome aboard.
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