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Delta 36-6022

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Does anyone know anything about this saw? I found one cheap on CL (in my town even) and plan to look at it tomorrow. Unless someone can tell me it's not a great idea, I may well buy it. It has a blade guard and a riving knife, which my older 30-670 does not.
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I'd want to run it first. About $ 470 retail. If it works well no more than half that, if you can't test it out, half that. Bring some ply and a little lumber to test it out. I'm not much of a Delta fan.
My current saw is an old Delta 30-670 that I bought for $100 about 4 years ago. I've had to replace the little toothed belt twice, both in the last year. I'd like a bigger saw, but don't really have the place or budget to do that. This 36-6022 is listed for $75... I think the riving knife is probably worth the cost of the "upgrade'..don't you? Especially since I can probably sell my current saw for the same price.
At $75, that would be hard to beat. Pretty safe bet if you ask me. A riving knife is a very good thing.
Well, I did not buy it. What she was calling a riving knife was actually only a splitter, my old 30-670 weighs at least twice as much as this one does, and it just looked tiny compared to mine, which is itself pretty small (22" across the table. And, it looked like chit.
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