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Designing a Santa Hat Inlay Kit

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This is a picture of the wreath I built last year for the Boise Festival of Trees. Not bad for a first attempt at building a wreath, or in other words I thought it turned out pretty cool... Yeah... that's my Daughter, she turned out pretty cool too!!! :)

For the wreath being built this year I'm using AmbersBear as the main focal point of the wreath hanger. Because it's Christmas I decided to put a Santa Hat on the inlay too. I found this AWESOME piece of burled hard maple that should make a pretty cool hanger.

I needed to design a Santa Hat that will fit on the Bear and look good too! I've been wanting to add accessories to AmbersBear for awhile so I thought why not now?

The only way to see if you like a design is to build a prototype. I built this AmbersBear a year or so ago and just had it hanging around so it became my Rev 1 prototype!

Using the alignment transparency I positioned Santa Hat inlay on the head of the Bear. Then I marked the edges of the transparency so I could align the template on the base material. Once I placed the Layer 1 template on the base material I traced the circular alignment marks, from the template, onto the base material. I use the circles inside the template for alignment because sometimes during the manufacturing process the edges of the template get a little wonky.

Using double side tape I affixed the template to the base material and routed out the Layer 1 void. This where the red part of the Santa Hat is going to be placed.

Using the same Layer 1 template I cut the inlay from a piece of Red Heart I had laying around and then glued it into the void.

After letting the glue cure for a few minutes, I affixed the Layer 2 template to the base material using the circular alignment marks as my guide. Then I routed out the the Layer 2 void.

I decided to use an epoxy with glitter to fill the Layer 2 voids. As soon as the resign dries I'll sand it down and finish the prototype. I don't really like my first attempt at building a Santa Hat so there will be a Rev 2. But isn't that the way it goes with woodworking? Try something if you like it replicate it, if not improve it!

I'm thinking I need to make the brim of the hat a little more curved and a little wider. What do you think? What would you do to make the Santa Hat fit AmberBear's head? Thanks in advance for the help!!!
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Great job, Kurtis.

I agree with you that the brim of the hat needs to be a little more curved and a little wider. Good start though!

Those are nice Christmas decorations you have there! Having three (now grown) daughters and 13- grandchildren, I would also like to say that your daughter is a real cutie!

Otis Guillebeau from Auburn, Georgia
Sorry about the pictures being removed by the site admin guys. My intent was to show the process I used while building the prototype and the pictures I had embedded in there were being used for that purpose.

Shame too because the Rev 2 prototype is looking pretty good... IMHO of course! :)

Thanks Otis... I think she is too... but I am biased!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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