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Detective work

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I have a router plate and I am trying to figure out what if any adapters or guide bushing fit it.

I have attached a picture for a general look at it but the real key would be to use the following information:
thru hole 1-3/4"
countersink 2"
3 hole bolt circle 2-1/2" (holes seem evenly spaced)

The picture is from the bottom of the plate if that helps. I'm also sure this is factory done and not a handyperson job.....

So who wants to play Router Detective and tell me if this is a "standard" for some router maker or ????



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I have one in my garage Ed. This is a Shop Fox mounting plate. The table is full of holes with threaded inserts as well.
Hi Mike,

Nice to see you posting again!

I'll check out shop fox and see if they have an adapter so it can work with pc or oak-park style adapters.... Thanks.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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