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Hello to all in the router forum.

I have considered purchasing a router for about a year now since retiring. My wife and I are considering this adventure for making a few signs, some shelves with heart details cut out etc.
We have absolutely no experience with this adventure, although we have been watching you tube video's on routers.

Since looking at many different types, I have yet to put 1 in my hands for personal preference and feeling. Both my wife and I have smaller hands so I'm sure what would work for me would also work for my wife if she ever wanted to try it out.

I am really considering the Dewalt cordless @ $229. simply because of the flawless reviews. My thinking is the cord could be a PITA when working on smaller projects.
To add to this, I currently have a couple Dewalt cordless tools already with 2 batteries and charger. ( brushless 1/2 drill and the 1/4" little impact tool which worked out great for our new deck build last year.

We have looked at the small corded bosh colt, and other corded/cordless routers along with a couple cheaper options on amazon.

We do realize the Dewalt cordless does not come with a battery or accessories and would have to purchase them separately with significant costs. ( Plunge tool and edge guide)
Being that we are just beginning, I would probably just do hand held projects until we can afford the complete set.

We also realize tools are of preference and many have what works for them.
If anyone could give us some insight to these routers, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
I own both the Bosch Colt and the cordless DeWalt. I rarly use the Colt after having experience with both. I find the depth adjustment on the DeWalt much better. The router runs forever even using one of the smaller batteries. It has a rapid stop which the Colt does not have. That seems like a small thing but once you get used to it, waiting for the bit to stop with other routers seems inconvenient.
You mentioned the size and that might be a consideration. The Colt has a smaller diameter. I have very large hands and the DeWalt is a bit harder to hold. If you use the DeWalt plunge base this isn't an issue at all.
Both are good quality tools. Go buy one and have fun!

1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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