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Dewalt 618 Adjustment Ring Sticking

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This is my first posting here and hopefully I have all the t's crossed and i's dotted.

I just bought a new Dewalt 618 fixed and plunge kit to go along with a new Leigh 18 Super Jig. (Got to love Santa). Checking the equipment over I found that the height adjustment ring is difficult to turn to raise the motor in the housing. The clamp is loose enough to allow the motor to move when lowering the bit however it catches when trying to raise it. I took the adjustment collar off and checked the inside and noticed some dimples from where the part came off the mold at the factory. At least that is what I assume they are.

Is that a factory defect and how do I get rid of them?
Has anyone else seen these on their adjustment ring?
Thanks for any help here.
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Welcome to the form.
If you bought it from a big box store I would suggest returning it because molding errors do occur and why fight with it when they can give you a replacement.

I have two Dewalt 618‘s when I bought approximately 10 years ago another one but recently used. The used one turned hard I tried it on the other router turn harder so I start comparing what the differences were between the two and it was a molding errors (plastic flash from ejection pins) use my Dremel to smooth out the spots match the other older one to tell when Should rotate up and down the motor. So it turns freely up and down the length of the motor. I also wax the inside of the plastic ring to make it turn freely up and down the motor.

good luck with your new toy.
Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the feed back on this and the welcome. Bought through Amazon so returning is a bit of a hassle at this point. I'll try smoothening out the nubs and add some wax. It looks like it is just the weight of the motor that jams it up when lowering the bit. If I hold the motor lightly the ring will the nubs on the inside of the ring may be the problem.
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