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DeWalt 618 Manual

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The manual for the DeWalt DW616/618 combination router is an abomination.
I have reconstituted it and printed it to a pdf format if anyone is interested.


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Hi Guys, just a quick note. A while back I questioned why my DW618 suddenly started running at high speed during an operation and would not reduce speed. I finally took it apart and found it was the magnetic ring that had broken, I purchase a new ring for $3.19 and pulled the bearing, replaced the ring and bearing and it works great. Dewalt did not offer any suggestions when I first called, only to say it would cost $98.00 to fix. After I fixed it, I called them back, and told them what I had done, and was told that would fix it, and the reason they would have charge so mush was that their hourly rate is $75.00. Just thought this may help others as during the session previously, it was apparent others had a similar problem. Hope this helps someone.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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