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dewalt 621 help

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hi there,

1st post!!

Considering buying a DW621K. Can you help me with my issue.

I need to purchase additional collets I believe to use some bits given to me from a friend that will work with 6mm and 8mm.

Does Dewalt sell the standard 1" that comes with the tool, but can I buy 6mm and 8mm collets to use with the dewalt.

Where can I buy them if this is possible.
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Welcome to the Router Forums alniro. Glad to have as a new member.
Welcome to the forum alniro, glad to have you aboard. I don't know if anyone in the US sells them but 6.35mm and 8mm collets are sold in the UK for the DW625 and I did find one seller in the UK that sells the 8mm collet for the DW 621:
Hope this helps.

Thanks guys. I will search if I can get it locally as well.
It never fails. Somebody wants help finding an item and does not mention where they live. If you are in the US or Canada try ordering them from a DeWalt service center or online. Rockler sells a conversion collet sleeve that fits inside a 1/2" collet for the 8 MM. At the present time it is part of a kit with 3 dovetail bits and their new deluxe dovetail jig and sells for $140. The adaptor will surely be available by itself.
Unless you have an unlimited supply of these bits it is simply not worth the trouble.
Did some research and it is not worth it. The collets will run roughly $100 after shipping.

Dewalt informed me that they do not sell them in North America and the only way to get them is to have someone overseas purchase them and mail them to me.

Thank you everyone for your help, I guess I will have to purchase new bits.
Hi anliro

"roughly $100 after shipping" Can't Be......

Don't give up so easy,ask one of the members below to check on them for you,they are all nice guys and they just may pick them up for you and ship them to you :)

Can't hurt to ask and that's what the forum is all about,helping if we can :).
If you have some FREE bits that's hard to beat,they are not cheap and all you need is a small part to used them,.


template tom


Good Luck
Bj :)
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Another option, consider buying a Porter Cable model router. They have 6 and 8mm router collets available in the US I believe. Here is one link:
25.00 ea collet

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