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Dewalt 625 - dust assembly

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just got the Dewalt 625 router and started to put together
bit disappointed on the quality - the Fine adjustment guide is very poor

not sure what the number dial is going to do as its all loose - is this normal

The dust extraction has an image showing two of the plastic parts - BUT i have 4 parts
not sure what to do with these 2 - image attached

Also the trend kit was broken with the cutters just loose - so thats being replaced, as I was not sure if any damaged


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:)...not off to a good start then.
"not sure what the number dial is going to do as its all loose - is this normal"
Are you referring to the speed control on the router or the micro adjustment on the edge guide?
My guide is a Bosch and the numbered dial is simply a continuous reference...allows the user to keep track of any adjustments made. Mine is just tight enough to avoid accidentally moving the reference knob; ie not a sloppy fit.


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Thanks , Yes on the Edge guide, I have bent out the plastic tabs underneath, and dis-assembled and its a slightly tighter fit , not great
but it does move the fence by 1mm a full turn, according to my vernier, which I also only got today, so getting used to reading that as well, NOT digital , batts are flat and no spares when needed
So the adjustor should be 0.1mm per gradation
anyway, it least as you say , not a sloppy fit, which mine was and still is, so i may play with that a little tomorrow

its quite cheaply made pressed alloy
images attached
moves slightly when tightening the locking screw underneath


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If you'll notice on the Bosch guide there's four thumbscrews on the assembly riding on the shafts.
Two grip the shafts, as you make the adjustment, and the other two allow you to make gross adjustments of the whole assembly.
With all four secured nothing can move. Rock solid. I just assumed they were all designed this way?
...apparently not.
On anything with a threaded adjustment the amonut of travel with one full turn of the adjustment knob is equal to the pitch of the thread on the rod. If it's a metric thread of 1mm pitch then 1 turn equal one mm of travel. If it is Imperial and say 3/8 by 16 thread pitch then 1 turn equal 1/16th inch of travel.
great video , thanks interesting , been looking at a few youtube videos today
The edge guide i have - the part where the two rods fit in , there is a thumb screw underneath that locks that edge guide to the adjustment section
So you have to loosen that OFF , which allows the edge guide to move with the adjuster , i suspect, once i start using it , it will be OK
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Anyone Know what the plastic bits are for in my OP
Nothing in the manual? I hate it when manufacturers just make assumptions.
nope, downloaded a couple of different manuals
there is also a long screw in the package which may be used

the dewalt manuals are pretty poor relying on mostly pictures only
i often used the video unboxing for most of my other dewalt tools - but the dw625e cannot find one
Is there a Customer Service ph. # ...or a chat line?
We have a DeWalt Service Center, in Vancouver, but It'd be day out of my life to take the ferry over there to do a face to face thing. They're pretty decent folks there, but again I'm a Bosch fan.
no, the dewalt service in the UK, I have found to be really poor , asking a question via their webform , sends the email to the US who 3-5days later send and email saying wrong country
but I should have the email and the UK email for questions, But I have asked 2 questions about the dewalt planer and the 101 Drill bit kit , and never got a reply, dont really know why i continue to buy dewalt !!!!!!!

[email protected] or the website at

i just sent them an email , see what happens
Aside from some of their battery operated tools, I just don't like the feel of DeWalt stuff, particularly their router with the circular adjustment ring. DeWalt's new owners have a poor reputation as exploiters of formerly good name brands.
still no reply, so i have now emailed the CEO directly , so await a reply
i sent an email to the CEO and had a response today, very satisfactory with one of the Dewalt Managers who has been very responsive and they have resolved almost all my issues.
Only outstanding is 1 bit of plastic included in the Dust extraction pack
restored my faith in the product , shame they did not respond to my emails without this escalation.
All now resolved from Dewalt , had a really excellent response now , everything resolved , so could no be happier
Faith back in the Brand now
well, it did take a pretty strong email to the CEO to get any action, But once they got on it they sorted, Unlike Draper Expert , where i have had a few issues with faulty equipment , just an email 30hours after I raised to say they are looking into it .....But Nothing since.
At least with Dewalt I had an email response within 24 hours and had i been available they would have talked to me the same day.
And have been really generous in making sure I'm happy with everything, I have spent well over £1,000 in last 6 mths on cordless tools and accessories with them.
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