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many thanks for your help --

just started seeing this issue -- wood stalls in feeding -- router keeps running but wood stops feeding -- like the rollers are stopped
or just spinning -- if you push -- you can complete the cut -- there is a line across the wood where it stopped but no discernible change in cut / depth -- specifics are: speed 2 -- dimensioning, depth of cut -- 1/32", walnut, 4 - 6" wide, spiral head, drive belt looks OK but it just
occurred to me that i haven't looked to see if it is running when the feed stops -- need to check that --

first occurrences were after 30 m of use so i started resting the planer 15m or so but this am was on the first piece through

very infrequently i have had the 20A wall breaker flip and everything shut down -- planer is only device running on that circuit --
it has also happened recently but i can't say its tied to the other --

took off the top cover and vacuumed out the dust -- nothing amiss that i could see --

appreciate your thoughts and direction --

The same happens to me but only for a brief moment. I always figured it was the wood. I give it a little more push and it's over.
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