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DeWalt DW618 Router Is Sparking....Time For New Brushes ?

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My DeWalt DW618 is sparking. I have read that a little sparking is normal. Is there a way to tell if there is too much sparking and the brushes should be replaced? I suppose that I could open it up and just check the brushes but once inside probably should replace them anyway.
Best source to buy brushes? Any good youtube videos on the process?
Thank You.
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How old is the router, Jim?

Replacing the brushes should be part of normal maintenance over a period of time. (not that I have, :()...

Can you just remove the brushes to check without opening it up. I know yo can on the Triton?
Sometimes, amazing what you find when you pull the covers off.....
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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